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*x-posted* House Church in Madison, NJ [Nov. 28th, 2004|07:58 pm]
North Jersey Christians


I'm merely noting this as a slight announcement, slight reminder for myself. After Mass today, Fr. Brian said that we're looking to start a "house church" in Madison, NJ, as a branch-out of St. Anthony's ministry. There's going to be an organisation meeting at St. Luke's REC in New Providence, to suss out the form of the new cell group. Worship will obviously be orthodox in preaching and doctrine and as Anglo-Catholic as one can be in a house church, presumably according to the Anglican Service Book.

If folks are looking for an orthodox Anglican group to worship with in the greater Morris area, this might be a good place to suggest. And this seems like it could be a wonderful ground-up opportunity to develop a new parish.

I have no idea on the particulars, other than the fact that this is an incredibly exciting opportunity, and I hope to be involved in it as much as I can be.

More details will follow...