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The LJ North Jersey Christian Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
North Jersey Christians

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The last day! [Jan. 5th, 2004|10:50 am]
North Jersey Christians

[Current Mood |crappycrappy]

Today is the last day of Christmas, and today is also the last day of the christianity community's Salvation Army pledge drive! Start the year off right--give to the Salvation Army.

Five golden rings?!? Gollum needes all five...my precciousssss....
Want all the precious! And fishes! And dead hobbitses! And Flip Spiceland!

Don't be a Gollum. Please help out and give what you can to the Salvation Army during this Christmastide. You don't want to end up like him.

Yes. Do not be a Gollum! :)
Be a Sam, and give all you can.

The christianity Community Salvation Army Drive: Helping people not end up like Gollum, by helping people. (To make a tax-deductible donation, please click here.)

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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2003|11:00 am]
North Jersey Christians

[Current Music |Johann Sebastian Bach, "Mass in B Minor, BWV232, I. Chorus, Kyrie Eleison"]

Venite adoremus Dominum!

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To get things going... [Dec. 24th, 2003|11:01 am]
North Jersey Christians

...a late invite to my parish's Midnight Mass of the Angels.

From my journal:

I invite anyone in the area to attend the parish of St. Anthony of Padua in Hackensack NJ, for the Midnight Mass of the Angels on Christmas Eve. "Music of the Nativity" starts at 11:15, Mass begins at 11:30 p.m. Directions to get to the parish can be found here. I'll be there at 10:30 to do some pre-mass "choir practise."

I know that 11:30 on the 24th of December is a bit of a haul...but it will certainly be the highlight of any Christmas celebration. (Any major liturgy at St. Anthony's is quite a delightful thing to attend.) If you live in the area, you are more than welcome to attend.

If this seems a bit off-the-wall, we offer Mass every Sunday, 8 a.m. in Spanish, 10:30 in English. I'm usually there. Feel free to stop by. =)

Pax, back to work for me...

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Conversation starter...(?) [Dec. 24th, 2003|10:36 am]
North Jersey Christians

Hi all,

This community has been a bit, how to put it, incredibly quiet since its inception. And I would really like to change that, so let's begin. (And today is a perfect day for it. For those of us at work, procrastination and avoidance seem to be within the perview of the day. =D)

So, how's about this as a topic: What does your family and your church community do for Christmas?

Instead of responding to this message, perhaps, starting up your own message on this community would be the best way of doing things. I'd like to start seeing some posting and whatnot happening here. And this seems to be quite a good time to start.

So, if I don't hear from you guys, may you have a blessèd Christmastide, and a joyous new year!

-j (mod)
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*last-minute ding ding gifts* [Dec. 24th, 2003|09:49 am]
North Jersey Christians


Please consider joining the LJ christianity Community Christmas Care Drive for the Salvation Army of Newark, NJ. Your donation will help the Army with their many programmes that assist the less-fortunate. To make a tax-deductible donation, please click here. Any amount you give--be it large or small--will be used directly to help the impoverished. (You can read my appeal here.)

Please consider giving the poor and destitute a much-needed last-minute Christmas gift. Please click above and give to the Salvation Army.

Give a gift that matters.


EDIT: A quick "thank you" to varyar, who gave quite a generous donation to the drive. On behalf of the Army, thank you so very much!

-j (moderator, nnj_christians)
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*ring ring ring* Please give to the LJ Christianity/Salvation Army pledge drive. [Dec. 18th, 2003|10:27 am]
North Jersey Christians


Click for cans today!
Each click donates a can of soup to feed the hungry. (It's also a fun little pissing contest for American football fans.) It's free, it takes a few seconds, and it helps.

Also, please consider joining the LJ christianity Community Christmas Care Drive for the Salvation Army of Newark, NJ. Your donation will help the Army with their many programmes that assist the less-fortunate. To make a tax-deductible donation, please click here. Any amount you give--be it large or small--will be used directly to help the impoverished. (You can read my appeal here.)


So far, we're up to $50 on this little e-pledge drive. I ask you sincerely, if you are able to, please help us out and give whatever you can (a little or a lot) to the Salvation Army of Newark. The goal I set for this little pledge drive was $100. If we could raise that, it will do much good for the urban poor of New Jersey.

And, as I said, if you are not able to offer money, please offer prayer for the homeless, that they find warmth, shelter, food, care, love, and support--and above all, experience the love of God, who loved us enough to give us his Son.


-j (archmod, e-bellringer)
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*X-Post* LJ Christianity's e-kettle [Dec. 9th, 2003|10:58 am]
North Jersey Christians

*ding ding ding* Please give to the Salvation Army.

The Army, as you all know, is one of the world's most effective Christian charities--in every continent on the globe. In the "two-thirds world," they bring food, medicine, faith, and support. In the "First World," they work with the homeless, the destitute, the addicted, and the poor through manifold ministries. Everyone knows who they are.

Newark, NJ, also as many of you also know, is a rather poor city. For all the talk of "renaissance," many people contend with hunger, homelessness, addiction, AIDS, disease, and a lack of hope. The Army is a very present help in danger for these folks, who are sorely in need. This e-kettle was set up for their benefit.

Now, I know that the community's rules do not support the advertising of a charity, or asking for donations. However, I think that this is a worthwhile "community project." It is rare--far too rare--that our work or social settings allow to actually help in the assistance of our fellow man.

In this season, when all we hear on the TV is the happy reception of presents, along with the ersatz "joy" of the world, it would do well for us to truly give gifts that matter.

And, too often, I think many of us are too willing to argue the fine points of theological discourse (or get "fluffy"). We understand the Biblical or the theological stuff of our Faith, but we don't get to the marrow of it--the spiritual and corporal care of Christ's children. (I put myself on top of that list--Lord have mercy.) Perhaps, if anything, this is an advertisement not to merely wear your faith upon a clapboard...but to assist in the faith en machina.

If you feel like giving, or can give, please do so. It doesn't need to be a lot--the Army does great work, and does great work on an amazing budget. Any money given will be used directly to improve the lives of folks who so desperately need assistance. If you can't afford it, please give the gift of prayer to those unfortunates who brave the cold of winter, and sometimes cannot afford food or medical care.

I know that money is tight for many of you--I know this all too well in my own life. But if you can, please help out.

Thanks and God bless,

-John O'Sullivan
(Archmoderator and Hierarch of all e-Bell Ringers, christianity)
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Welcome to creative anarchy. [Nov. 26th, 2003|10:51 pm]
North Jersey Christians

[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Computer fan]

Hello everyone! (Everyone being quite a small--but hardy--number),

I'm glad that I saw a few folks signed up on this community. This is *incredibly* bare-bones right now. And, I'm not entirely sure where the Holy Ghost is leading any sort of online/IRL e-ministry. However, perhaps with some input and vitality, something like this can pick up here online--and in North Jersey.

I think it would benefit everyone well if newcomers would post a "Hi, my name is" type of message, so we can get to know one another...along with where we're coming from with our church membership and whatnot. I think one of the best ways of getting together...is by knowing where others are coming from.

So, I suppose I should begin:

My name is John O'Sullivan. I'm a 28-year-old guy who works in book publishing in NYC. I am a regular church-going orthodox catholic Anglican. And, to explain what that means, I attend an Anglican (alias, Episcopalian) parish that is catholic in its faith and expression. To put it succinctly, we are more catholic than the Romans, and more evangelical than the evangelicals. I love Jesus, I live for Jesus, and the Mass is where I am at peace and content--because that is where I receive him.

I came to Christ after college. During a depressive episode (and during the Christmas season), I had it with Santa and all the secular nonsense that passed for "something." So, a small voice in the back of my mind suggested that I go to a church--and, in particular, a small one down the street from where I lived. So, I went there.

And something happened.

It wasn't very extreme--more like something very subtle--as if a switch was flicked.

Afterward...I was able to really sit down with the Bible. And things changed. What was once a book that I mocked and ridiculed...became all the more real and vibrant. It's as if the Holy Ghost turned on the switch of belief.

It did not take long that I petitioned the pastor of the parish for baptism--I was never baptised as a child.

To put it very lightly, things haven't been the same since.

If you told me 10 years ago, that I would be preparing for the priesthood--I would have laughed. But this is, indeed, where I believe the Lord is taking me. And I cannot wait to be able to serve him all the more strongly as a priest at his altar--for his people.

So, that is a mini testimony. I wanted to post a little more than my last posting. So I heartily encourage you to do the same. I cannot wait to get to know you all a little better.

And with that, I will shower, because I smell...and then lay down, because I'm exhausted.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving...and may you reflect on the thanks owed to our Lord, who gave us so many wondrous gifts!

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THE FIRST POST! WOW! [Nov. 26th, 2003|03:56 pm]
North Jersey Christians

Hmm...haven't announced the creation of this community yet. Still working on that. I just wanted something here.

So...those of you who are reading this--hello! Welcome to the first post! Whoo!

-j (moderator)
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